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Minecraft is a survival-based game and you need food to survive in this game. But you might think food items are not very difficult to find so what is so special in this enchanted golden apple? This apple is also known as Minecraft’s god apple and protects you from almost any situation.

you can find the god apple in naturally spawned structures and in chests. It gives you several effects and most importantly 8 extra hearts for a limited time. the time is sufficient for the players to get themselves out of the sticky situations.

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These are the best places where you can find the enchanted golden apple.

1. Ancient city

Ancient city


The ancient city is a recent addition to the game. many players think to avoid this place because of the warden but with high risk comes great rewards. This is one of the best places where you can find the god apple because it has more than an 8.4% chance of a god apple in each chest. which is the highest in the game and here you can find more than one enchanted apple.

2. Bastion Remnants



The bastions are one of the most dangerous structures out there in the nether. there are many different types of mobs available in the bastions whether it’s piglin or piglin brute. you have to risk your life if you want to check the chests they all will get mad at you once you open the chest. so always checks nearby before opening the chests out there and the highest chances of finding the enchanted apple will be in treasure bastions.

Treasure bastions have a chance of 6.5% and always look out for the chest in the center of the bastion protected by a magma cube spawner.

3. Desert temple

desert temple


Everyone once in their Minecraft world has visited a desert temple and it is not a dangerous place except for their TNT traps. The desert temple has been in the game for a very long and is one of the best ways to find the enchanted golden apple. because they have 4 chests next to each other the chances of finding the god apple increase.

These are the best places where you have the highest chances and are not very difficult to find. you can also find an enchanted golden apple in ruined portals, mineshafts, and dungeons but they are difficult to find and have very less chances.

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