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Vikram-S rocket launched successfully

The mission marks the entry of the private sector aerospace Company’s into the Indian space program.

In Short

  • The Vikram-S rocket launched from the sounding rocket complex.
  • The company is developing two more variants of the Vikram rocket.

Skyroot Aerospace creates history by launching   India’s first privately made rocket Vikram-S into space on Friday. The successful launch of the Vikram-S marks the entry of the private sector aerospace into the Indian space program. Which is so far a  government-controlled and funded sector.


The Vikram-S rocket launched from the sounding rocket complex of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The rocket was launched into space and it touched  an altitude  of more then 90 kilometers. The rocket carried 3 customer payloads.

The company said that the “Vikram-S rocket touched a peak altitude of 89.9 kilometers gaining a speed of Mach 5” which is  five times the speed of sound. The launch vehicles met all the parameters of mission, clearing the stage for the company to launch there nest rocket Vikram-I next year.

“We made history today by launching India’s first private rocket. It is a symbol of new India, and just the #Prarambh of a great future,” Pawan Kumar Chandanam Co-Founder of Skyroot Aerospace, said after the launch.

Prarambh was a demonstration mission, it was still a full-scale suborbital launch for the company.  The mission also validated the technology, engine, and designs of the Vikram rocket and also proved that the rocket is capable of launching heavy payloads into Low Earth Orbit.

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Hundreds of Twitter engineers resign after Elon Musk Email


In Short

  • Twitter employees decided to resign after Elon Musk’s email related to long working hours.
  • Musk also mentioned that Twitter will need to be employees extremely work hardcore.
  • Soon after the employees decided to leave with severance pay, Twitter emails employees office has been shut down temporarily.

Twitter leader Elon Musk’s email to employees about long shifts at high intensity work environment was not received well. Some employees have refused to sign the pledge to work and decided to leave the company  with severance pay. Elon Musk has proposed in the email that the employees who refuse to abide the new rules of the company can leave the company with severance pay. Twitter has now closed its offices and disabled badge access temporarily till 21th November.

Why are employees leaving Twitter?

The employees decided to leave the company after Elon Musk sent an email titled Ä fork in the road”on Wednesday (16 November) . In the email, Elon Musk ordered the employees to acknowledge an online form by 3:30 AM IST today committing to “long hours at high intensity.” “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below,” the email said. Elon Musk also wrote  in email that Twitter will need to be extremely hardcore, which means the employees will have to work long hours at high intensity.

 projection on Twitter HQ

How many employees have left twitter till now?

The exact number of Twitter employees resigning after Elon Musk email has not yet released. As per the reports the number are in hundreds.  Some of the employees are very old and reliable who have been working in the company for  more than 10 years has also resigned.


Amazon fired nearly 10000 employees this week

Amazon started a mass layoff of employees this week due to macro-economic conditions. The number of employees which will be impacted by layoffs has not been shared by the company. CEO of  the company  Andy Jassy has confirmed that there will be more firings in 2023.


In Short

  • Amazon to fire more employees in 2023.
  • Amazon CEO Andy Jassy confirms more firing in coming months.
  • The number has not been shared how many employees will get impacted by the job cuts.

The current economic slowdown is shaking the biggest global tech giants. Companies like Amazon, Twitter and  Meta , are known to provide the best work culture and employee benefits. They have  slashed off thousands of employees due to adverse macroeconomic conditions.  The tech gaint, which started his biggest ever lay on Wednesday in its history, will continue to cut down jobs at global level workforce in the coming year of 2023.

Amazon has reportedly fired  employees from all of the departments from its top departments, including the Alexa voice assistant division.  Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has confirmed in a public statement  that the company will continue firing  more of its employees in the coming year.

“Our annual planning process extends into the new year, which means there will be more role reductions as leaders continue to make adjustments. Those decisions will be shared with impacted employees and organizations early in 2023,” said Jassy  CEO of amazon in his first public statement on layoffs.


Poco C50 official launch date in India


Poco C50, Poco C50 India launch, Poco C50 price

In Short

  • The Poco C50 will launch in India by the end of this month.
  • The company has officially confirmed the launch timeline.

The Poco C50 will soon be launched in India. The latest budget smartphone is set to arrive in the last week of November. The company has officially confirmed the launch month , but hasn’t revealed the exact launch date of the smartphone.

The company is launching the C50 smartphone in India. Poco claims the device “stellar camera performance, immersive multimedia experience, long battery life with a sleek design and much more.” Poco hasn’t teased any of key specifications of the phone. But it is expected to have some specifications similar to the Poco C40 model with improvements which was not launched in the India market.

The Poco C40 features-

The smartphone has a 6.71-inch display with HD+ resolution.

The device comes with panel coating of Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The device comes with chipset powered by an octa-core JLQ JR510.

But the new C50 is expected to pack either a Snapdragon or MediaTek SoC.

The brand has confirmed that this is a budget smartphone, which suggests that the Poco C50 will be available at a affordable price in India. Poco revealed that there Poco C31 and Poco C3 phones have received a good response.


Jio 5G service enabled  for free in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and all other NCR region

Reliance Jio 5G is now available for use  in Delhi-NCR region, including Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and 8 other Indian cities. Jio is sending out invites to users on MyJio to connect to the available 5G network.

Jio 5g

In Short

  • Jio is rolling out 5G network in Delhi-NCR region.
  • NCR people can connect to the available 5G network.
  • Jio will invite user to use there 5g services.

The telecom operator is now rolling out its  5G network connectivity across Delhi-NCR region, including Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and other major locations.

The users who are living in these areas will get the invite from Jio team  touse there 5g network (Jio Welcome Offer on the My Jio app).

Jio has already confirmed  its users that their existing 4G SIM will support the new 5G network once the 5G network connectivity is available in their area.

How to connect to Jio 5G after invite? 

  • Going to phone’s Settings > Mobile network or a similar option.
  • Next, select the Jio SIM and select the ‘Preferred network type’ option.
  • Select 5G network.

The user device once  connected to 5G, you will see the 5G symbol of  network on your device status bar.

Jio has officially announced to launch 5G in significant Indian cities by December 2022 and will cover PAN Indian by 2023.

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