Things you keep in mind before entering end
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Everyone who plays Minecraft has always thought of defeating ender dragon and why not he is the final boss of the game. but it’s not very easy and many people end their life in the end by dying in the void or killed by an ender dragon. There are many things you have to keep in mind or prepare for them before entering the end island.

Now in this article, I am going to tell you all the precautions you should take before starting the final fight with the ender dragon.

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1. Void

Things you keep in mind before entering end

Void is one main reason you should prepare yourself before fighting the ender dragon. because the ender dragon can push you into the void and then it becomes very difficult to survive. If you die in the void there is none of your items will remain with you and if you are in hardcore you know it is the end of the world.

Now you can think how we can survive the void. The first answer is having elytra but it is very difficult to get elytra before fighting the ender dragon. Then the second and most important item is a potion of slow falling. it will save you from taking any fall damage and will slowly float you in the air. that is all the time you need to come back to the ground.

2. Spawning platform

entering end

Sometimes you spawn a few blocks away from the end island. so always carry some building blocks in your inventory to bridge over to the island. sometimes it happens when you spawn on the island the ender dragon pushes you into the sky right away. so it’s better to drink the feather-falling potion before entering.

3. Respawning mechanics in the End realm

only way to come out

players have to keep in mind that once they enter the end island the only way to come back is by killing the ender dragon. or you can die. This plays an important role if you are prepared it to avoid fighting for now. always try to be a little bit over-prepared because there will be a lot of ender men also. they become really annoying.

4. The ender dragon

ender dragon

The final obstacle is the ender dragon you have to kill him before he kills you. you have to start it by destroying the end crystals they help him to regenerate his health. So keep in mind to take a bunch of arrows or a bow with an infinity enchantment. It will come in most in handy in a fight because you can shoot an unlimited amount of arrows at an ender dragon at a safe distance.

These are all the tips you can have before entering the end island. after you defeat the ender dragon the end portal will show up you have to bridge to it and then throw an ender pearl. it will lead you to the further end dimension where you have to find an end city to get elytra.

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