The Seven Warlord of Sea- One Piece
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One of One Piece most recognizable factions. Let’s learn who the seven Warlords of the Sea are and what exactly makes them so cool.


It’s a peculiar case about how the Marines of “One Piece” are able to keep pirates in check. Given how many there are. After the surrender and execution of Gold D Roger. The great pirate era began, and a surge of new pirates popped up everywhere.

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At the time, The Four Emperors of Sea were just at the beginning of establishing their power and increasing their territory. The world changed and the marines had to change their way too. So they can maintain their power. That’s how the Seven Warlords of The Sea were form.


The Purpose of Seven War Lords of the Sea:-


The Seven Warlord Of The Sea is a system introduce by the world government in response to the increasing number of pirates. Seven of the pirates and their crew were pardon for their crimes. Bounties nullify. They can pretty much roam around and do their stuff as long as it doesn’t contradict with marines or world government.

They are assign to execute the task was assign to them. Such as Bartholomew Kuma was ordered to kill the Strawhat Pirates on Thriller Bark. Obey the summons of world government in times of crises. This made the other pirates furious because they throw away their pride as a globetrotter in favor of government protection and were call government dogs.


Who are Seven War Lords of the Sea:-

In One Piece’s the First Warlord, Dracula Mihawk was introduce to us in chap-50 when he destroyed Don Krieg’s ship. However, we as readers didn’t get a proper explanation as to what they are. This concept was loosely taken by real life as privateers were approving pirates employe by old European nations to plunder and attacks ships, colonies, and other pirates.

There are 11 known characters in One Piece who have held this title. However, the most recognizable ones are Dracula “Hawk-Eye” Mihawk, “The Tyrant” Bartholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock the Pirate Empress, Sir Crocodile, Gecko Moria, “First Son of the Sea” Jimbei and “Heavenly Yaksha” Donquiotxte Doflamingo. Some others worthy of mention are “Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar law, Buggy the Clown, Marshall D. Teach, and Edward Weevil.

All of them who join the warlord’s title have their specific reasoning. In the case of Boa Hancock uses her title as Warlord to protect her home Amazon Lily, as a nation where the World Government and Marines can’t impose their authority on her people. As for Jimbei took the position of a Warlord as an act of goodwill thinking that will improve the relationship between Fishman and humans in the future.

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