Ocean Sharma joins Velocity Gaming
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Ocean Sharma is a popular gaming content creator and caster. Today in the Vlt announcement video they announced that the ocean Sharma has officially joined VLT as a content creator.

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This is also a huge surprise for his fans because no one expected him to join VLT. in the past there were rumors about him joining s8ul but today he signed vlt and become a part of it.

For those who don’t know who is ocean sharma, he is a very popular creator and caster in mobile gaming. he has cast almost every event in pubg mobile/ bgmi. he is also famous for his in-game knowledge and gameplay breakdown skills which helped him to become the coach and analyst of OR esports and skylights gaming. but after the game ban, he is not a part of any org and is focused on casting.

He recently also hosted the show playground s2 with lots of big names around him. not only this he also won the best caster award in the gaming award show.


Now we talk about velocity gaming, they entered the gaming industry in 2019. the founder of velocity gaming isĀ  Manoj “Sentinel” Kasyap, velocity has very big names with them like Tbone, Rakazone, and many more. the addition of ocean Sharma will help them boost their content creation.

They also have an esports lineup for valorant also having star players like Amaterasu, Rite2ace, Hellff, Deathmaker, Excali, and more. They had also competed in bgmi but due to the game ban, they disbanded their lineups.

Ocean Sharma is also quite popular on youtube with more than 800k+ subscribers and more than 347k+ followers on Instagram. he has another youtube channel for vlogs and other kinds of stuff.

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