Mr Beast in Fortnite
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Yes, you all read it right as we all know Mr beast is a huge YouTuber and a successful businessman. but recently he announced that his gaming skin is coming in Fortnite.

He announced this on Twitter today where his all fans went crazy. All though we all get a hint from Fortnite a week ago this announcement has created another level of hype in his fans. Fortnite has been a very successful game for a long time it is famous for its skins, emoter, and battle royale.

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Mr beast skin is added to the game in season 4 chapter 1. This is not the only thing the fans are pumped about Fortnite and Mr beast are hosting a million-dollar tournament for all the Fortnite fans.

Yes, you heard it correctly a million dollars for all and everyone can participate in it. the tournament will start this Saturday which is December 17. so gamers get ready with their skills to get a chance to win millions of dollars.

How to apply for the tournament?

Those who want to play in the tournament need to enable two-factor verification and verify them on the epic account. They also need an account at least above level 15 in the game. The custom island will be available from today and the island code is 7990-6907-8565.

Mr beast has recently become the first individual channel to get the highest number of subscribers. He recently surpassed his friend pewdiepie in terms of subscribers the growth of Mr beast has been tremendous in the past few years. Which makes him the most popular content creator.

As we all know how crazy jimmy is there is no shock in a million-dollar tournament right at the launch of his skins. he has organized many crazier events where he kept a huge amount of money on the line. Recently he has given 50,000 dollars in a rock paper scissors game. Which is crazy in my opinion.

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