Most important items in Minecraft
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Minecraft is a very popular game. its popularity has increased day by day due to its updates there are a lot of items and stuff has added to the game since its launch. In Minecraft, there are more than 210  items that you can gather in-game every item has its own specifications. and it’s very difficult to think which items you have to keep in your inventory and which do not.

There are many items like tools that help you in crafting and building things. while some other items help you when you are traveling in the world. The possibility is endless when you talk about items in Minecraft it is not easy to choose which item you should keep in your inventory.

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Here I will tell you the most important items you can keep in your inventory in Minecraft.

1. Compass

A compass ensures you'll always find your way home or elsewhere (Image via Mojang)

The compass is one of the most important items in the game. those who love traveling or exploring their world will need this most. this will help you to locate your house even when you are anywhere in the world. you just need to right-click this on your bed and you are good to go.

compass is one of the safest and most prominent ways to find your way to your house in the game. you can also right-click on a loadstone to find some important places you just need to put your loadstone there and then follow the compass whenever you need it. It s super easy to make you just need some iron ingots and a Redstone dust.

2. Buckets

Buckets are one of Minecraft's most useful items (Image via Mojang)

The bucket is the most common and important item in the game. you can use it to catch fish, axolotl, and tadpoles or you can carry water, lava, and milk in it. a bucket can come in clutch many times like when you suddenly fall in a cave or fall from a height you can always put a water bucket under you to save yourself from fall damage.

you can carry milk in it when you are raiding an ocean monument it will come in handy most of the time. you can also collect powdered snow in it. and it only requires 3 iron ingots to craft. it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran in the game or a new beginner this will always help you. It is one of the basic nessacity and if you are making any farm you can carry water, lava powdered snow in it.

3. Boat

Boats aren't all about moving over water (Image via Mojang)

Some people might think that boats can only be used to travel on water how they can be a useful item? boats are a lot more useful than just traveling on the water They can use to trap any mob or to travel villagers from one place to another and yes it is the fastest way to travel on water. you can use them as a fuel source in the furnace and can use them to fall from a cliff to not take any fall damage.

The boat requires only five wooden planks to make. and they are also helpful in nether you can use them to travel across a river of lava by quickly placing and jumping below you. you just need to time it right.

4. Armor

Stay armored and stay alive (Image via Mojang)

Armor is a must item you should always wear this will protect you from hostile mobs. you will get less fall damage and can take much more critical hits from hostile mobs. there are 4 different kinds of armor in the game each piece of armor also describes a journey of a player. you start with nothing and then move to armor that is made of leather after that you switch to iron then diamond and at last Netherite.

Each armor has its own efficiency and durability it is better to wear Netherite armor because it is the most powerful among all of them and will save you from mobs more efficiently. you will need 24 items to craft a full armor like if you want to make a diamond armor you will need 24 diamonds to make full armor same with each armor except Netherite. you only need 4 ingots of Netherite to make Netherite armor.

The difficulty to get the item increases with the efficiency of the armor high-efficiency armor is harder to get.

5. Totems of Undying

Totems of Undying are a literal lifesaver (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

As the name suggests totem of undying will protect you from dying and gives you some effect to get out of the sticky situation. this item is super necessary in your hardcore world it gives you an extra life. but this item is super hard t get you can only obtain this item by killing an evoker. evokers are usually found in a woodland mansion or by doing a raid in a village. A third wave or raid will spawn evokers after killing you can get a totem of undying.

It may not feel important in a normal world but if you are in the hardcore mode it is the most important item in your Minecraft world. one more profit of the totem of undying is when you use it you will not lose your levels of experience.

6. Pickaxes

Never leave your base without your trusty pickaxe (Image via Mojang)

The pickaxe is the most important tool in Minecraft in my opinion. when anyone starts their new world the first tool they create is a pickaxe. it will help you to farm stone for stone tools in the beginning and later on, find different kinds of ores or explore and mine underground. There is no replacement for a pickaxe

This item will always come in clutch when you are building something or clearing out some space in Minecraft. there are five types of pickaxe available in-game each has different durability and efficiency. depending on which pickaxe you are using.

you can simply craft a pickaxe by putting 2 sticks and the ore you want to make your pickaxe of. you can put different types of enchantments on your pickaxe to make it even more efficient.

7. Fishing Rod

Fishing rods will reward you much more than fish (Image via RajCraft/YouTube)

The fishing rod is one of the most common items in the game. but its usability is beyond anyone thinking you can get a lot more items in fishing than anything else. it’s just it takes more time and patience you have to sit near a pond, river, or sea to do fishing.

it can provide you with treasures like a nautilus shell which can only be obtained by fishing or killing a drowned holding it. nautilus shell uses in making conduit. you can obtain many items like a name tag, enchanted books, fish, and many more.

fishing is more like a suspense game you never knew which item you are going to get. you can increase your luck by putting luck of the sea enchantment and many more on the fishing rod.

it will also give you XP and mend your tools and armor if you have applied Mending enchantment on them.

These are all the items that come to my mind. you can change the items according to your needs.

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