Most Awaited Anime season Of 2023
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As we all know this year that is 2022 has been a great year for all anime fans. Getting new banger anime as well as patiently waiting for season of our beloved anime. We get anime from action-packed to outright cute but the year 2023 is going to be a dazzling hot year, for anime fans all over the world.

As there are many anime series that are going to launch this year while people are waiting for their favorite series, anime, movie or even mangas to get adapted into anime. This is my personal top 10 favorite anime list that I am eagerly waiting to get aired.

The list of the top 10 most awaited anime of 2023 are:

10. Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural

As we know the first season was a banger it took the anime scene by surprise. What we should know about Tokyo revengers is that he is deliberately get pushed into railway tracks, but when he opened his eyes again miraculously he was somehow in past to be accurate he was sent aback 12 years in the past. Where he makes it his mission to save his loved one. He joins a gang named Manji to save his friends’ lives, and he decides to take revenge on those who wronged him.

so what is there in season 2 will show the story of him returning to the present where he will come face to face with the truth that the manji gang has become a huge black/crime organization and his friends still die.


9. Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Genre: Action, Historical

After it announces that it is getting an anime adaptation in Jan of 2021, and the trailer just got released in May of this year. There has been little to no information about this upcoming anime which has created a mystery around it. It’s a dark fantasy set around the time of the Japanese Edo period.

Gabimaru the Hollow is the most vicious and greatest assassin that is made by the village of Iwagakure. Getting trained to kill as soon as he can hold something. He is the deadliest assassin that the world has ever seen. As incredible as he is he got betrayed and got to death row. As a change of plan because of his intense training, he was too hard to execute by ordinary means which is when he and other death row inmates get the ultimatum to save themselves by going on an adventure on an island full of mystery and danger never seen before. Will he live will he die to watch it to know what happens?

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8. Dr. Stone: New World


Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi

It starts when one of our main character’s friends that had a feeling toward a girl and one day he decided to take the risk of letting her know what he feels toward her. Just when he was about to confess a blinding green light that appear out of thin air covered the whole planet earth turning every human into stone it was like their time stopped as soon as they get converted into stone they didn’t age. A thousand years later Taiju woke up and was stunned by what he sees green lush fields, forest upon forest it wasn’t the earth they remembered.

He found one of his friends already awake his name was Senku a science nerd or genius, he loves science and was already awake for a few months. By working together they soon get a way to make humans normal from that stone-like state. As Senku and Taiju make their way through science to revive civilization.

The second season is based on an exploration arc, as senku and his friends find a way to uncover the secret of the green blinding light.


7. Mushoku Tensei Season 2

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Ecchi

It was an anime adapted from a light novel series by Rifujin na Magonote. In this series, we get to know about a hopeless and jobless man who dies after having a regretful and sad life that got reincarnated into a magical and fantasy world born as a newborn with his memory fully intact from his previous life he decides to live his life to fullest and without regret. And do things that he wasn’t able to in his previous life.

The second season picks right after where the first end is finding a way home after getting teleported into a mysterious continent. Getting to meet new people finding new places making new friends. A journey filled with excitement, joy, ups, and downs


6. Rurouni Kenshin Remake

Genre: Action, Historical, Romance

This series is getting a reboot that will adapt the story from the very beginning of the manga. This series takes place in the Meiji Era when there are wars and violence, Japan at this time is struggling to find peace and renewal after a bloody and horrifying civil war.

Swords, violence, and killing are outlawed but it’s not what it seems dangerous, lurking in the shadows are the remaining survivors of the revolution awaiting their chance to strike for vengeance.

Kenshin that has given up on the path of bloody killer walked on a path of lone wanderer. In his travel, he finds a dojo where he can start his life anew.


5. Demon Slayer: Sword Smith Arc

Genre: Action, Fantasy

As we already know season 2 was all about the entertainment arc and its third season will be about the swordsmith arc but it’s not the last season as in manga there is a final arc known as the final arc so we can get more seasons of our beloved anime. As there is not much about the swordsmith arc we can assume to get the first part of the final arc or something related to it.

The season will start off with Tanjiro visiting the swordsmith’s village to replace the sword.  swords are badly damaged in the fight with the demons.

as he gets his sword fixed danger appears and the mist hashira engages with it but he’ll need some help as they will be handling the upper-rank demon.


4. Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Genre: Action, Fantasy

The first season ended with the completion of Death Painting Arc. So we can conclude that the second season will adapt Gojo’s past arc which also includes the special mission involving Gojo and Geto escorting a Star Plasma Vessel to Tengen. It will also have the Shibuya incident which is an arc that revolves around a plan to seal away Gojo.


3. Vinland Saga Season 2

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Season one ended with Thorfinn attacking and injuring Canute in despair but Canute gathers himself and takes over control of the Viking army and rule of England.
Season 2 will adapt the farm arc from the manga in which it shows that Thorfinn is a slave working under Ketil. Ketil is a good farmer that takes good care of his slaves. After that Sanke will help Thorfinn to let go of his regret and past and encourage him to follow the dreams of his father. He is an old friend of his father.


2. Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2

Genre: Action, Drama

He turned against his foes and enemies alike. He starts a dangerous plan with the help of beast titan and Zeke he takes matters into his hand to end the ancient conflict between Marley and Elida but no one knows what his true intentions are. Diving deep into his family secret and fighting to control his very own destiny.
Somewhere amidst all of this his childhood friend Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert were imprisoned with his former corp companion all shaken by his monstrous transformation. Believing that he still holds good intentions, they try to find a way to save their friend’s soul.


1. Solo Leveling

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Finally one of my favorites of all time. It is packed with action and fantasy “Solo Leveling” is still one of the greatest manhwas till date and it is getting its very own much-deserved anime adaptation.
It takes place in South Korea, where one day suddenly dungeons started to pop out and corner humanity into extinction but as the dungeon appeared, it gave power to humans too with that power holding onto it like a ray of hope humanity fought back.
Our main character is the weakest of all hunters that are there but one day he encounters a double dungeon that turns his destiny around giving him the way to become the strongest hunter of all by having a double awakening. A hunter that does not stop growing. Ready to go on the journey of total dominance and action.

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