Minecraft resources you Should get on First Day
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Minecraft resources: it is a survival game that tests the player’s survival skills and adaptability from the first day. there is no proper guide that helps you to survive and helps you to progress in Minecraft. as we know Minecraft is an old game and many players have cracked the right way to survive this game. 

but for new players who haven’t played or seen any Minecraft videos, this could become very daunting and confusing.  when you spawn in Minecraft you have nothing but your barehand with these barehand you have to figure out a safe way to survive and make some progress.

there are many hostiles mob in this game which makes it difficult for players to survive. so it’s better to collect resources and make yourself powerful on the first day. so to collect the right resources you need to accurately follow the sequence because each resource is necessary to obtain the next resources.

Here are the Minecraft resources you should have on the first day


Minecraft resources you Should get on First Day


wood is the first resource you have to collect in your Minecraft survival. because wood is the basic edacity or requirement for making yourself powerful in the game. wood helps you to make tools, crafting tables, sticks, torches charcoal, and it can be use as a building block.

you can make wooden tools like pickaxes, swords, axe, and hoes. you will need a wooden pickaxe to mine stones for your stone tools without a wooden pickaxe there is no possible way to break stones on your first day.

To break wood you need to move your crosshair to the wooden block and then long press the left mouse button until the block is broken.

then it will come in your inventory and you can create it into wooden planks. after that, you can convert planks into crafting tables.

wood is the basic and first step for your Minecraft world and you will always feel the need for it.


Minecraft resources you Should get on First Day


as you collect the wood for wooden tools. those tools will help you get the stone. stone is a block that is available when you dig a little bit down in the ground or in the open expose cave. stone is easily available everywhere in the world.

stone block can be used in creating more powerful stone tools like axe, swords, pickaxes, and hoes. stone can also be used as a building block but one of the main use of stone is creating furnaces. furnaces help you to cook raw food and smelt raw ores for you.

stone pickaxe will help you to mine iron ores and coal ores. stone tools are not the best tools in the game but are more powerful and durable than wooden ones.


Minecraft resources you Should get on First Day


food is the most important resource in the game. once you start playing Minecraft you will notice that your hunger bar starts losing its hunger. that indicates that you need to eat food although you will not die from hunger until you are in hardcore. but you will not be able to sprint and do the work slowly.

when you start there is no direct food source in the game. the easiest food which is available is to kill nonhostile mobs around you like sheep, cows, and pigs. they will provide you with raw meat which you can eat. but it will not fill more hunger bars the proper way is to cook the food first in the furnace and then eat. this is the most efficient and effective way to fill your hunger bar.


you Should get on First Day


coal is the primary fuel source in the game. when you start smelting your raw ores or food in the furnace you will notice that you need fuel to ignite the furnace. this is one of the main reasons to obtain coal.

you can use coal in making torches. torches will help you to light up your surroundings and reduces the hostile mob spawns.

you can find coal on the y level of the game or in open caves. coal is very easily available and not harder to spot. coal block is similar to a stone block will small black spots in it.


 you Should get on First Day


as we move on further in the game. you will start to realize that you need better equipment and tools.

iron is one of the best Minecraft resources for beginners because of its durability and easy availability. iron is much stronger than stone and helps you to obtain ores like diamonds, emeralds, copper, and many more. you can use iron to make tools like swords, axe, and pickaxes. and make much stronger armor.

you can use iron blocks for making iron golems. iron is not the strongest ore available in the game but it will boost your Minecraft journey. it will make your Minecraft world easy to tackle with mobs and other things.


you Should get on First Day


you can survive the day in Minecraft but as the sun sets. the hostiles mobs will start spawning in the game. the mobs will start attacking you and you don’t want to be the one who stays awake all night running away from the mob or hiding from them.

you can use beds to sleep on them and skip the night which helps you to take the mobs at night and you can continue your progress in the day.

beds can also be used to increase the population of the villagers. just give them bread and beds and their population will increase.

That is all on Minecraft resources that we know, make sure to follow us on Twitter for more such information

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Crafting Table

The most important thing to make in Minecraft  on the first day is the crafting table and it is the easiest thing to make. With it, you get a lot of crafting options. In fact, there is not a lot of things  that you can make without the crafting table. So this is first thing you should build in Minecraft.

Cut a tree’s  to get at least four logs, and next you should turn those logs into planks by putting them into your crafting grid, or you can select planks in the crafting menu (depending on version of the game you are playing). After that, fill your crafting grid with the planks to build a crafting table (or you can find the crafting table option in the menu).

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