Minecraft 1.20 Update all we know so far
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Another major Minecraft update is right around the corner and even though we still have to wait a bit for it to be released. I will go over everything that has been confirmed to be coming in this update and some of it is interesting. Many things have been added in this update and some things are very new for this game.

In this article, I am going to tell you the things which are going to be added to the game.

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1. New Skins

Minecraft 1.20 Update all we know so far

first, we have some new skins you heard me right Steve and Alex are not the only default skins anymore there are seven new ones that look like this they all Have their own names and they look pretty cool in my opinion. these Skins are actually already live and you can choose between them here in the launcher it is nice to have more options and if you don’t have your own custom skin now at least you can choose between more than just two simple options.

2. New Wood

Minecraft 1.20 Update all we know so far

but next up there’s something a lot more interesting and that’s a new wood type for the jungle. we just got a mangrove wood in Minecraft 1.19 so why are they already Adding a new one not sure but the new wood type is bamboo wood and can be crafted by using bamboo. just like this in the current version of Minecraft bamboo wasn’t completely useless and you could craft scaffoldings out of them. but soon you can use it to craft a lot of things just like you can with any other type of wood. and in my opinion, they look pretty cool and it fits super well into the jungle.

but that’s not all of it there also will be an additional wood Block that you can craft using bamboo woods and that is the bamboo Mosaic. you can use it to create blocks slabs or stairs but I think it looks perfect for making floors in your jungle buildings. with these new blocks, we also got a raft that is basically a flat-looking boat but just made out of bamboo. it also has a chest variant just like the regular bow itself I really like how they made it completely different from all the other boats and I can’t wait to use it.

3. Hanging Sign

Minecraft 1.20 Update all we know so far

When the update is finally released but another thing I can’t wait for is the hanging sign. they can be made out of any of the 10 wood types. there are three variants of the hanging signs the first one just hangs below the block the second option is to hang it from a fence and the third option also my favorite is to hang it from the side of the block. the Text area is smaller than the regular sign I think it’s the perfect update for the signs and they look really good.

4. New Mob Head

Minecraft 1.20 Update all we know so far

but now let’s talk about the mob heads first there will be a new mob head coming in 1.20 and that is the piglin heads. yep from these guys here, the only problem I see is that it can be a little difficult to bring together a charged creeper and a piglin. but maybe that is on purpose so having a piglin head will be kind of a rare thing. another fun  Thing with the piglin head is that you can power it with Redstone and it moves its ears while doing that kinda like, the dragon head moves its mouth when it’s powered so that is a really nice thing that they added.

but that’s not all with the mob heads in version 1.20 we will also be able to mimic the mob Sounds by placing the head above the node block. every single mob head makes a unique sound depending on the type of head that you placed. this Will be perfect for hiding in your friend’s face and scaring them or making some more sound music.

5. Vexes

Minecraft 1.20  all we know so far

the vexes will also get an update but don’t worry they won’t get any more annoying. one part of the change will be their texture which will be updated to look nicer and might tempt you to give them a hug. but still don’t try that also the hitbox will be bigger so it’s actually now easier to hit and kill them.

6. New Mobs

 1.20  all we know so far

talking about the mobs we will also get  Two new mobs in this update the first one is a camel. camels will be rideable the same way horses are and can even fit two people on at once they have 16 hearts of health and will spawn naturally in desert Villages. and camels can be bred with a cactus which may seem odd at first but actually, camels in real life eat cacti so it all makes sense I am just glad that there are finally more uses for cacti than just green dye.

The camels Can walk over 1.5 blocks high obstacles and thanks to the camels being so tall some mobs are not able to attack you. while riding a camel camels can also Sprint walk slowly or Dash more than 10 blocks forward when using the jump key. overall I think they are a very cool addition and I bet the deserts won’t feel so empty anymore.

but the second new move we will get is called sniffer. sniffer won more votes back in October by getting over 50 percent of The overall votes. we don’t know much about the sniffer yet but what we do know is that he will be an ancient mob that is hatched from sniffer eggs. and the sniffer eggs themselves can be found in chests in underwater ruins. upon hatching the sniffer can find ancient seeds which can be used to grow new types of decorative plants. all of this stuff has not been added to the snapshot yet so everything is still a mystery and we’ll have to wait and see.

7.  Chiseled Bookshelf

 1.20  all we know so far

But that’s not the mystery is the new block we are getting the chiseled bookshelf. at first, it may seem just like an empty bookshelf but actually, you can add different books onto this bookshelf. You just right-click on the empty slot with a book and you can fit up to 6 books into one bookshelf. they can be enchanted books or even just regular empty books. the bookshelves can also give out Redstone signals based On how many books are on a bookshelf. this can be used to create some secret entrances for your base overall it is a nice decoration piece and gives a unique way to store your books. but not a very practical one since you can only fit six books.

8. Creative Mode New Items

 1.20  all we know so far

we will also get some new items to creative mode and those are the four new spawn eggs the first two are iron and Snow Golem spawn eggs. finally thank you this means we don’t have to build Them block by block anymore and can just use the spawn eggs. when building something in Creative. the second two eggs are a bit more hardcore and these can only be obtained with commands. the Ender Dragon and Wither spawn eggs we have spawn eggs for the two bosses in the game. as well it can turn pretty quickly into a full-on Madness when using those so be careful when using them. but I am gladly spawning them has been made easier.

there is also one more new item  Confirmed in the creative menu and that’s the mob spawner. so you do not have to use a command anymore to get it. just grab it from the creative inventory and right-click it with a mob egg and you have a functioning spawner.

so overall, the Update is something I’m really looking forward to since I always like seeing new mobs and blocks get added especially when the mob is completely harmless and looks amazing.

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