How to travel fast in Minecraft
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Minecraft is an open-world game with lots of biomes and other structures. your Minecraft world is much bigger than the earth. here the world border can be billions of blocks away. So everyone thinks of a faster way to travel between terrains and mountains because walking between them can take a lot of time and resources. there are many ways in Minecraft that you can use to travel faster but which method is best among them?

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in this article, I am going to tell you some fast methods which you can use in your world to travel fast.

1. Soul speed

Soul Speed is useful, but only where soul sand exists (Image via Mojang)

when we talk about soul sand valley everyone hates this biome in the nether. this is the hardest biome you can think of in the nether because it has the highest hostile mob spawn rate and you cannot sprint or bunnyhop in this biome. you have to simply walk to cross this biome.

but there is an enchantment you can use “soul speed 3” this enchantment allows you to run 3-4 times faster than normal speed on soul sand and you can easily travel the distance in seconds. this is one of the fastest ways you can travel if you make a path of soul sand in the overworld it will work the same way. you just need to place soul sand one time then you can easily travel from one place to another without worrying.

It is so fast that sometimes your chunks will not load properly and you already reached there. you can get soul speed 3 by trading with a piglin or looting chests in bastions.

2. Minecarts

Minecarts can really zoom around with the assistance of powered rails (Image via Mojang)

Minecarts is one of the oldest and safest ways to travel in Minecraft. if you want to build a long highway then this can be for you. you can use minecarts to travel long distances in a small amount of time and you don’t have to do anything. you just have to leave your character sitting in the cart and experience one of the best Minecraft journeys.

The Minecart and rails don’t require many things but they need a good amount of iron ingots to make. there are two types of rails one is a normal rail that requires iron ingots and the other one is a powered rail that requires gold and Redstone. the powered rail will help you to boost your cart and increase its speed.

you can make a full track out of powered rail but it’s better to use some in between the normal rails to make it more efficient.

3. Nether portals

With the right placement, Nether portals can be an incredible way to traverse the Overworld (Image via Mojang)

you can think how nether portals will help us in fast travels. nether portals can be one of the faster ways to travel in your Minecraft world each block in nether counts as 8 blocks in overworld which makes it much faster than anything. you can use these portals to link from one place to another. it is a bit riskier way because it requires traveling among nether which is never safe.

nether is the hardest dimension in the game it consists of large lava lakes with more hostile mobs. everything has a positive side and a negative side in this you never know where you going to spawn when you build a portal it can be inside a cave in the overworld or above the ocean. similarly, when you make a portal from the overworld it can also be on a lava lake or in the nether fortress.

then it comes to your survival skills and how well you can handle the situations.

4. Boats on ice

Taking a boat over ice or blue ice blocks can be useful (Image via ilmango/YouTube)

Boats are very common in this game but no one thought that they can be used to travel fast in-game. everyone knows that you can travel a bit faster in water with a boat but if you place the boat on ice its speed can be increased tremendously. if you make an Ice block path between one location and another and cover it sideways with walls or any blocks you can travel at an insane speed.

you have to put some effort into building it but after that, this is one of the most fun things to do. it’s just difficult to control that’s why you need a border around your blocks to stop you from getting out of control. if you feel that this speed is slow you can almost twice the speed with the help of blu ice. Blue ice is different from ice block it is rare and hard to find but it can increase the speed of your boat almost twice.

A normal boat on an ice block travels with a speed of 40 blocks per second button blue ice can go up to 73 blocks per second. you going to need a good computer to load this many chunks so fast.

5. Elytra

A few firework rockets can see you speeding over the world incredibly quickly with your Elytra equipped (Image via OMGcraft/YouTube)

elytra are one of the most used items in the game everyone in the game uses it to travel from one place to another. it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to travel you just need some fireworks rockets to make yourself fly. is safest because you don’t have to tackle or fight any mob in the air. you can even travel at night.

but it’s hard to get elytra you first have to defeat an ender dragon and then go to end dimensions o find an end city. there you can find elytra. then you think if it is this much simple why everyone does not use it? the answer is you have to build a creeper farm and a sugar cane farm to provide yourself with an infinite amount of supply of gunpowder and paper.

it loses its durability quite quickly and then you have to mend it again and again. you can also use a trident with riptide 3 to travel fast during rain it can help you to reach a speed of 123m/s which is insanely fast. not only in rain you can use this method to travel in oceans or rivers you just need some water to use riptide and the rest of the work will be done by elytra.

But If I have to choose one option among all of these I would go with the elytra option because it makes travel a lot easier and makes world exploration more fun.

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