How to fix Valorant not opening error
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As we all know valorant is quite a popular game in recent times but many people are facing some issues regarding this game. one of the issues is when you try to open your valorant and double click on the icon it doesn’t, open. Valorant not opening error is quite a frustrating error because it doesn’t matter how many times you click on the icon it just doesn’t respond.

There are some possible causes and fix to the error here is how you can fix the valorant not opening error.

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one of the major issues causing this error is your internet connectivity, updates or you opening the game while maintenance breaks which causes some issues with game files. or your antivirus has blocked the game, permissions denied, etc.

so the solution for the issues are:-

1. The most basic and simple solution is to reboot your PC this will help you to end all the unnecessary apps and processes which are running in the background. some of them may be stopping valorant from running or any other issue.

2. Run valorant as an administrator in this you have to right-click your valorant desktop icon and run it as an administrator. this will help you with account-related issues and help the game to access all the permissions.

3. Repairing files in this first you have to try opening the riot client after that go to the top right corner and then select settings there will be an option named repair click on that option to initiate the repairing process. This will help you if there is an error in your files and will automatically repair it.

4. Internet connectivity could be one of the main reasons for your valorant not opening error. in a normal situation, it shows a pop-up message where it tells there is no internet. so first check your internet and do a quick ping test whether your internet is fast enough or not.

5. Server issues there might be server maintenance going on that’s why you are unable to open the game. this could be one of the reasons just wait for the maintenance to end and try to open the game after some time.

so these are all the possible solutions you can try to run your game and fix this error.

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