How to fix error code 81 in valorant
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Valorant is a quite popular game and has recently gained popularity very quickly. it was developed by riot games in 2020 and is a very fun game to play. it is an fps shooting game and has a very good esports scenario. in this game you have to make a team of five people and choose their agents each agent has a different ability. 

 You have to make strategies and tactics to defeat the opponent team and win the match. Rather than all these things this game also has some technical issues. one of the major issues is error code 81.

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This error appears when you open the game and it shows ” connection error please relaunch the client “

Here is how you can fix that error 

 The first and basic step is to simply close the game and restart it. but before that make sure to go to the task manager and check whether the riot client is running in the background. if it is running simply close it and then restart the game. 

If this doesn’t solve your problem then simply restart your whole computer or system and try to reopen the game.

if the error is still coming then you can try to reinstall the game and check your antivirus also. sometimes antivirus also blocks the game. Or you check for your driver’s updates. Driver updates are also one of the reasons because then your antivirus can block the game.

Another solution for this error is to check whether your vanguard is running or not if not go to system configuration and then click on the services tab and check the box next to VGC. This will start your vanguard and check if there is no issues with the vanguard.

If all these solutions don’t work then the only last option is to contact the customer support of the riot client. customer supports deals in bugs, resoling hackers, or technical support. you can simply mail them and they will generate your token and tells you the solution.

it is important for the user to try multiple methods to solve error 81 because it happens for many reasons.

one last thing you can do is to check whether your internet connectivity is good and stable because internet connectivity is one of the reasons for error 81.

These are all the possible ways you can try to resolve the error and can enjoy the game once again.

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