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Valorant has become quite a popular game in recent years because of its free-to-Install and easy compatibility with smooth fps.  this game has also surpassed the games like csgo and overwatch.  csgo has been a very successful game for years because of its compatibility with low-end devices. similarly, valorant is also compatible with low-end devices. in this article, we are going to show how you can run valorant with smooth fps on a low-end PC or laptop.

if you are also worried about how you can run a game like valorant on a low-end PC or you still thinking to Install the game. because your system doesn’t have a high-end graphics card or a high processor?

Then don’t worry because valorant doesn’t require a high graphic card and it can even run on intel-integrated graphics and depend mainly on the processor and less on a graphic card. this doesn’t mean that it needs a high processor valorant is a fully optimized game for low-end PC you just need the right settings.

in this article, I will show you some points through which you can run your game smoothly and boost your fps.

you can play valorant at a minimum of 60 fps. if you want to play competitively then you must aim for a minimum of 120fps or higher than that. then you just need to upgrade your system because 120 fps on a low-end system is not possible yet. but you can have a minimum fps and play the game for fun and it will run smoothly.

you have to make changes in the system settings and in-game settings to boost fps in valorant.

System settings to Boost fps

1. power options


Path to power settings: Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options

when you go to power settings check if the plan is on high-performance mode or not if not set it on when you are gaming. this will help boost your PC gaming performance because more power will be redirected to system hardware.

one more bonus tip for laptop users is always to put your laptop on charging while gaming this will also help you to reduce lag and boost fps.

2. Update Drivers & Windows

Always keep your system up to date and keep regular checks. keeping windows and drivers on the latest version will also increase the fps. intel/AMD these CPUs will always update their websites for updates. you just need to check once a week or two for updates. this will not drastically change the fps but will help you to run the game smoothly for a long time.

3. Game Mode

The game mode is also a feature available in your system. Turning on this feature will help your GPU and PC’s processor to run at a higher clock speed. this will result in higher fps and better smoothness.gaming mode will not affect your day-to-day tasks and not improve other performances. this will only applicable on games as it’s name suggests.

4. Task Manager

in this step, you have to close unused apps which are running in the background. these types of apps consume a big amount of ram causing lag in the system.

To do this, you have to open the task manager by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys. this will pop up a brand new window for the task manager. then you have the list of programs that are running in your system.

you have to close the apps like Spotify, and Google Chrome (these kinds of apps consume a lot of rams which will further cause lag issues and frame drops), etc.

Also, make sure to disable the Startup apps (Start > Type “Startup apps” in search > Disable apps) this will make sure that when you start your PC no extra apps run automatically and cause lag.

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5. Clean Your System

Boost your valorant fps in low end device

This is not only about cleaning your system software or unwanted files and apps this also includes cleaning it from outside. cleaning your system will also help you like clearing space and maintaining your system well will help it work smoothly and keep your processor pressure-free. always try to keep your system clean and delete unwanted files from time to time.

the second thing you can do is to check the hardware components if there is any kind of dust or loose wiring. if your system is old there is a high chance of having dust in your CPU fan which is causing it to not properly cool down the system and processor. which is causing lag. after cleaning and putting everything back you will feel the smoothness in the game and in your system too.

Game Settings

1. General Settings

Boost your valorant fps in low end device

The first thing you have to do when you open valorant is go to the settings icon and then in general. then you have to scroll down a little bit there you can see “show corpses” and “show blood”. you have to turn off these options.

These options will help you when you shoot or kill an enemy their body will not lag or drop your fps while you are in-game. after you disable the show corpses option you will only see a round disc having the character’s face on it. turning off show blood will show you some spark when you hit someone with a bullet or a knife.

2. Video settings

In this when you open the game go to settings and then go to video settings. after that, you will see an option “display mode” select this option to full mode. just below display mode, you will see “Resolution” keep the resolution as low as possible like “1280X720”.

The lowers you keep your resolution the higher fps you will get. but don’t make it very low because then the game will not be playable for you.

Now you move again a little bit down you see many limiting “fps options ” you have to turn off all of them this will surely help you in your fps.

3. Graphics quality

Boost your valorant fps in low end device

Now move on to the next section which is graphics.  there you will see a lot of options set all those options to low settings and keep the “anti-analyzing” option off. this will keep the quality of the game low but will increase the fps. these small changes will help you to run the game smoothly and you can enjoy the game.

These are all the changes I can tell you to help you run the game smoothly and get more fps on your low-end device. These changes will not drastically affect the fps but will make the game playable and help you until you get a better PC.

Because you can not always rely on this kind of thing to run the game at a point in time it is better to buy a better PC for your better experience and make the game more enjoyable.

But if you are not ready to buy the new system yet then these settings will help you and these are not only limited to valorant the system settings will also help you in other games to get more fps.

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