Best farms for your Minecraft world
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Minecraft is a game where you must keep collecting resources and other stuff to survive and progress in the world. there are many ways you can collect your resources but the best way is to build farms. because you don’t want to go and find the resources every time you need anything.

so there are different kinds of farms in Minecraft but I am going to tell you the most essential farms which will help your world to progress more quickly and are very efficient. you can build farms for almost everything like iron, gold, XP, and everything. there is an endless possibility.

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This article consists of the Most important farms which will help your world.

1. Mob XP farm

Mob farm is one of the oldest and finest xp farms in Minecraft. it doesn’t require a lot of items you only need some cobblestones, a trapdoor, and a water bucket then build a structure where mobs can spawn. after that, you have to make a killing area and a collection area. that’s all the mob farm is ready to use.

this mob farm can spawn all hostile mobs and it’s very effective. This works on the mechanism of mob spawning in dark rooms you just need to light up all the caves and spawning areas near it so this farm can run on maximum efficiency. or you can build it above an ocean so you don’t have to light up any caves or surfaces.

You can get items like gunpowder, strings, bows, arrows, and much other stuff, and XP too.

2. Enderman xp farm

Enderman farm is one of the fastest xp farms in Minecraft. This farm is a little bit harder and Riskier than others You have to build this farm in the end dimension above the void. Which makes it a little bit difficult That’s why it is recommended to get elytra before building this farm. so you don’t have to worry about falling into the void.

Although building it above the void is not the only difficult thing about this farm. You have to also keep in mind not to look in eyes of the enderman who are spawning there while building the farm. After you build the farm This farm can take you xp from 0 to 30 in less than 5 minutes which is a very good speed and will be super useful in your World.

You will get only one item through this farm which is an ender pearl you will get those pearls at an insane rate. you just have to figure out what you are going to do with those many pearls.

3. Wither skeleton farm

Wither skeleton farm is also a difficult farm to build but it will provide you with more value. we all know how difficult it is to get a wither skeleton head with an enchantment of looting III the drop is still 5.89%. wither skeleton head is used to spawn a wither which will further drop a nether star. nether star is used to create a beacon which is super useful. With this farm, you can get more than 55 wither skeleton heads per hour.

Not only wither head this farm will produce a good amount of coal and bones. it will provide you with a lifetime supply of fuel source and bonemeal. The only thing which will take time is building this farm you have to collect a large amount of wither roses which will help the wither skeleton to spawn.

One important thing is the Fortress you have to find a fortress that is in a soul sand valley biome. so the drops will be highest there.

4. Gold xp farm

Everyone needs a gold farm in their world at some point. You might think that gold is not so useful in Minecraft and why I would build a farm for it. You might be correct but this farm will not only provide you with gold but also gives you a large amount of xp and the gold you can trade with piglins to get an infinite amount of items.

This farm is an automatic farm so you don’t have to do anything. you just have to sit back and let the farm do all the work for you. The drops can differ from farm to farm it depends on which gold farm you are building. one more item this farm will produce you is rotten flash which can later be traded with clerk villager for emeralds.

The difficulty of this farm is a bit more higher you have to build this farm on the roof of the nether. You have to go to the nether roof using a ladder and ender pearl and later build a platform from magma blocks and a killing and collection area. That’s all the work you have to do.

5. Villager farm

Villagers are the most annoying yet most useful mob in the game. we all know how annoying these villagers can be but they also trade you ith different kinds of useful items. almost every kind of item like tools, armor, food, maps and books, etc. you can trade from them with not a very huge amount of emeralds.

villagers can save you a ton of time like finding resources to make armor or finding food. They are like shops you just trade emeralds with them and get whatever you need. villagers usually breed when they have an extra bed and a full belly. which makes them produce babies.

you can also make a farm for it you just need to capture two villagers and plan some wheat or carrots near them they will automatically harvest the crop and replant them and then make small villagers.

These are the farms which I feel will be useful in your world. I know there are many other farms also but these farms are very helpful and less complex in the building than other farms.

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