Best beginner friendly farms to start with in Minecraft
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Minecraft has been a very popular game for many years among all age categories. people play Minecraft for fun and for its open world-game style. minecraft is a game where people can build almost anything of any type, they can ever think of.

minecraft has many different kinds of blocks, biomes, and mobs which make the game fun to play and watch. with all these things added Minecraft creates an atmosphere where the player has to build farms, houses, and tools to make their survival in this game.

there is also a creative mode in this game. but as we speak of survival we have to build farms and houses for better sustainability in the game because there are a lot of hostile mobs in the game and players must have to keep food hunger in mind.

Farms are one of the easiest ways to get resources in Minecraft. which helps the player to be alive and become more powerful in the hostile world of Minecraft.

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but which farms are best for beginners and easiest to build with fewer resources? this article will help you to find out the easiest and most beginner-friendly farms that you can make in 2022.

farming in Minecraft is just like farming in real life, it,s the same procedure as collecting the raw materials for the farm and making so it can make the item for us with minimum effort.

there are all types of farms in Minecraft from mob farm to plant or blocks farms. you can make any type of farm in Minecraft. but as we speak of beginner-friendly they should not be hard to make and provide the player with maximum results.

here you can see the best 5 beginner-friendly farms to start with in Minecraft.

1) Cow farm

In this game, the cow is a non-hostile mob that can be seen roaming around on the green grass field. They are simple to catch; all you need is one lead or a piece of wheat in your hand and they will follow you. Cows can be easily trapped and bred using wheat.

cow farm is a very easy-to-build farm and it is an essential farm for everyone whether he is a beginner or an old player. because it provides you with three items beef, leather, and milk.

  • cow meat is one of the best food sources in the game and increases the hunger bar by 4 hunger.
  • we can use leather for making armor and books.  leather armor is not quite durable but we can use it for enchanting and making bookshelves. we can use milk for removing unwanted effects from players.

2) Chicken farm

similarly, as cow farm or chicken farm is also a must-have farm in your world. chickens are easy to lure you just have to hold wheat seeds in your hands. you can breed them using seeds or kill them for their meat and eggs.

  • chicken farm drops meat which can be used to hunger bar, chicken meat fills 4 food hunger.
  • chicken farm drops feathers also which you can use to make arrows.

if you want to use a bow this farm is a good option for you.

3) Mob farm

Minecraft is a game that has a large variety of hostile mobs. when you kill a hostile mob it will drop some xp and some items. items will depend on which mob you kill or farm.

there are many types of mobs that can be farmed like skeletons, spiders, enderman, creepers, etc. the main reason for players to farm these mobs is XP which they can use to enchant their armors and tools.

but as we talk about beginners the skeleton farm is best for them. because it drops a lot of bones, XP, arrows, and bows.

  • you can use the bones as bonemeal to grow your plants more quickly or you can taim a dog for yourself with bones.
  • you can use the bows and arrows for long-range combat with a mob for a range advantage.

this farm will help you in your Minecraft journey and is one of the best farms in the game. it is easy to build and very efficient.

4) Sheep Farm

sheep is a non-hostile mob found roaming around in grassy areas. we don’t need to kill a sheep to make his farm. we can sheers them for their wool which will grow back automatically when they eat the grass. we can also kill them for their meat.

sheep is not difficult to find and easy to catch you just need a piece of wheat and they will follow you then you can easily fence them. to breed them you require two adult-grown sheep and a piece of wheat. Their newly grown baby will take 20 min to become an adult.

sheep farm can provide you with lots of wool which you can use for making beds, and pictures or you can use them as building blocks.

you can change the color of the sheep according to you. you just need the color dye of the same color and then you will get the same wool as the dye.

5) Wheat Farm

this could be the easiest and most beginner-friendly farm for a survival world. you only need to just break the grass until you get a handful off seeds which you can easily plant using a hoe and a water bucket.

the wheat farm provides you with wheat that you can use in making bread and haybales. bread is probably the most efficient and effective food source at the beginning of the world. wheat seeds are not difficult to find and their easy availability makes it one of the most reliable early-game methods of hunger management.

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6) Sugarcane Farm

sugarcane farm is very important and must build farm for any Minecraft world. sugarcane is an essential item because you can use sugarcane for making sugar, books, and paper. sugarcane is not very easily available you have to look for it on the shores of the ocean, rivers, or ponds in the game.

they are not available in groups you can find single or maybe double trees of sugarcane. which makes it a little bit difficult to find.

  • you can use sugar to make an essential items like potions.
  • sugarcane converts into paper which you can use for making books. later you can use books for enchanting or making bookshelves..
  • you can make books with paper as well as fireworks rockets.
  •  you can use fireworks rockets for flying with the help of elytra. which you will get on defeating the hardest boss in the game.

you can use these farms to make resources quickly in Minecraft

these farms will change your Minecraft game experience because you don’t have to grind for small things and can focus on your survival and fighting mobs. your world becomes more manageable hunger , tools, exp, enchanting and blocks will no longer be an issue for you .

these small farms will create a huge difference in the long run. as you will progress further you can create more ultimate farms than these which will be more faster and efficient but these farms will help you to reach there.















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